MKCCC's Volunteer Program is up and running again at full capacity! Please contact if you have any questions about volunteer opportunities. - The Center offers open enrollment throughout the year. In addition to infant, toddler and Pre-K, we offer an 8-week full day Summer Camp for Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Advisory Group

Benedict S. Caterinicchio

Phyllis Wharton Clement

Tom Coleman

Mary Farley

Dennis Gochuico

Dr. Bruce and Judy Golden

Michael Goodwin, Jr.

Robert Greene

David Griff

Nancy Hack

Marian Hamilton

Linda Heath

Jeanne Hinrichs

Dottie Jordan

Wendy Lipp

Gretchen Menzies

Martha Nierenberg

Sharon Pollack

Clark Robson

Janet Schloat

Maryann Simpson

Cecily Stone

Beverley and Sabin Streeter

Twink and Jim Wood

Steven Wysmuller

William Zeltner