MKCCC's Volunteer Program is up and running again at full capacity! Please contact if you have any questions about volunteer opportunities. - The Center offers open enrollment throughout the year. In addition to infant, toddler and Pre-K, we offer an 8-week full day Summer Camp for Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Warm & Responsive Care

In our infant rooms, we create a warm, nurturing environment that acts as an extension of our infants’ homes. Infants are provided with daily opportunities that encourage social and emotional development, speech and language, cognitive growth, and fine and gross motor development through group and independent activities. We even use basic American Sign Language to provide avenues of communication to our youngest children.

Highlights of MKCCC’s Infant Program

Loving and caring environments that are an extension of home.

We communicate with families regularly to maintain partnerships and to build trusting relationships.

Daily opportunities are provided to encourage social/emotional development, speech and language, cognitive growth and to support fine and gross motor development.

We use basic sign language to encourage even our youngest children to express their wants and needs.

Some of the Infant’s Favorite Activities

Gross motor room: large balls, boat toy, ride-along toys & push toys, mats, running and jumping

Outdoor/Playground & water play

Tunnel and ball “pit” play

Climber/Ramp play

“I can without a doubt say that I have the most rewarding job in the world, and it’s all thanks to the children in our program. It’s incredible how much learning and development happens in the life of an infant. I love being able to watch them grow, make friends, reach milestones, and develop their own personalities. Every child is different and unique, and having children at different developmental stages together helps them learn so much from each other. We form a close and loving bond with each child, and there’s no greater feeling than when that love is reciprocated back to us.”
Lizzett Hernandez, Infant B Head Teacher
“I’ve been working in the Infant room at MKCCC for a little over two years now. This experience has been both the most challenging and also the most rewarding of my life so far. The best part of my day is always when I walk in the classroom in the morning and the kids are so excited to see me! There’s no greater love than that of a child’s unconditional love. Just seeing the looks on their faces, their eyes light up, and the smiles on their faces warms my heart! And when they run, or in some cases crawl, up to me to greet me and give me the biggest and best hugs ever, and shout my name out loud “Jackeeee,” as best they can, that’s when I feel the purest form of love and joy! These amazing babies are just the best, the best there is!”
Miss Jackie, Infant A Classroom
“The best part of being a teacher at MKCCC is the children we get to teach. Watching the children learn and try new things is my favorite part of the job. I love coming to work everyday and seeing how focused and excited they are when they accomplish something new. It’s not always easy, but it’s very rewarding. I get joy from knowing that they are learning something from all of the wonderful staff at MKCCC.”
Miss Victoria, Infant A Classroom