MKCCC's Volunteer Program is up and running again at full capacity! Please contact if you have any questions about volunteer opportunities. - The Center offers open enrollment throughout the year. In addition to infant, toddler and Pre-K, we offer an 8-week full day Summer Camp for Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Preschool: A Time for Fun and Preparation

Our preschool is a mixed 3, 4, and 5 year- old age group. We think it makes sense to teach children developmentally rather than chronologically. Each child comes in with different experiences and skill sets. Lesson plans are written to prepare children for Kindergarten in ways that are play based and developmentally appropriate. We use the Creative Curriculum, which is a child- initiated curriculum. Children learn best when they are learning about the things that they are interested in. All lesson plans cover all content areas necessary for school success; literacy, math, science, and social studies.

A Powerful Testimonial

“I am the proud Mother of two foster sons that attend MKCCC. My older son joined our family and MKCCC when he was one-year-old. This quiet little boy was placed in Infant B. As anyone can imagine, being removed from your home at the age of one, placed in a new home and immediately placed in daycare can be traumatizing. The teachers and administrators embraced this little guy and gave him love, support and acceptance. He quickly blossomed into a very confident and very talkative toddler. He eagerly transitioned into Toddler B. There he learned class routines and rules. He continued to be nurtured and cared for unconditionally. During this time, he experienced some behavioral challenges. The toddler team supported him and went above and beyond to help him through this time. The teachers were open and honest as we communicated daily. Presently, my son is in Pre-K A, and will turn four in June. He has grown into a confident, loving and intelligent boy whose favorite food is broccoli, thank you, Feed Me Fresh! He is eager to go to school each day to spend time with his friends and teachers, and to participate in new and exciting experiences.

This past December 2017, my family welcomed a second foster son. He arrived at one month of age with a significant medical history. In March 2018, he joined Infant A. He was embraced with the love and support that his older brother received. He is thriving in his environment. He has started to giggle, hold his bottle and sit up. The teachers are warm and caring, and take time to communicate with me daily.

Being a parent of foster children can be challenging. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for MKCCC. The administrators, teachers and staff are professional, knowledgeable, supportive and kind-hearted. The programs imbedded in the center are unique and remarkable. The love, support and experiences MKCCC has provided for my special boys are invaluable. Our family will be forever grateful to this very special place.”

“I was only 20 when I started working at MKCCC. I found myself searching for a path as any young adult, in need of direction and compassion. I never knew after 17 years of working at the same Center I would still walk through the door every morning and find joy in a quest I was on years ago. The enjoyment of working with kids after all those years has opened my eyes to different opportunities and a better focus on life. I believe children are the “present” of our future. What we as teachers do is important – we model and guide children to help them find their way of life. We help them deal with the different emotion, and cope with feelings they didn’t know they have. Teaching children the meaning of boundaries as we show them empathy. I love my job because I get to work with children and help mold each generation that will become the future.”
Ebony Solomon, Preschool Teacher
““Liam and Hugh have been spending a lot of good time at MKCCC since they were one year and 8 months old. They have received a lot of attention and love from all the staff. They talk about school and friends at home all the time. We know when we leave them with you in the morning, we can turn around and focus on work whole day. They have learned a lot and developed their own personalities. Both David and I know that we can not find the same good quality of care from others.”
I-Ju C., Preschool Parent