MKCCC's Volunteer Program is up and running again at full capacity! Please contact if you have any questions about volunteer opportunities. - The Center offers open enrollment throughout the year. In addition to infant, toddler and Pre-K, we offer an 8-week full day Summer Camp for Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Peace of Mind and Extra Help

Our school age program consists of our before and after school programs as well as the newly added, remote schooling program. Our before and after school programs provide a place where students can get homework help and unwind from the day via socializing with friends, playing games, and taking part in diverse, engaging programming such as Feed Me Fresh, where they maintain their class gardens, prepare fun, healthy snacks, and manage their own “farm stand”. Our new remote learning program, added due to Covid, provides a place where remote students have access to the resources they need to focus on their studies during the day and provides support from MKCCC staff that allows them to be successful.

An Important Testimonial

I believe we all have a wonderful place in our minds and in our hearts. I have an awesome place that made me very happy a few years ago. Not only has it always kept a smile on my face but it has also allowed me to go about my day without a worry. How is that possible when you have kids, you may ask? I will simply answer with “Mount Kisco Child Care Center.” It all began back in 2011 with my oldest child, Jocelyn who is now 10. Her first day there was in Pre-K A, and what a day that was! The teachers and the classroom were so welcoming that she didn’t even say bye to me. Guess who walked out crying? The center has taught her academically. When kindergarten came around, she was way ahead of the game. She has also learned interactive socialization with different ages from 3 months old to the eldest senior at 105! Lets not forget all the cooking classes from the Feed Me Fresh Garden. Every weekend we had to take a grocery store trip to cook what she made with her friends but this time at home. Who knew a 4 year old loved Brussels sprouts and asparagus, yuck!

Fast forwarding seven years now and this will by far be the saddest on her last day at MKCCC and off to middle school she goes. I know she will enjoy her last summer there. From going to the pool every day to putting on a Circus act with the after school class for the whole center to enjoy. Since she has a little brother now, she knows he will enjoy watching her pretend to be a lion up on stage. Jocelyn is a girl of many characteristics. She is super easy to please but from all the years she has attended; she’s really enjoyed spending time with the Grandmas and Grandpas. She lost her grandmother at a tender age where you can’t fathom what just occurred. Up until this day she feels a huge excitement in her when she gets to visit My Second Home.

Being a working parent, after a typical work day it is satisfying to know that your child’s homework has been completed and checked, which is all due to the after school program and the efforts of the teachers. As MKCCC is approaching its end with Jocelyn, it’s also just beginning for my second child Christian. Those decorative walls have seen him try new foods, crawl, babble new words, to taking his first steps and much more. All of which wouldn’t be possible without the teachers he’s had. At two years old, with all the hard work and dedication from the teachers, I like to pretend that he is a mini rocket scientist. He knows all his colors, even the difference between beige and khaki. Impressive right? He can count from 1 – 20, although 20 somehow turns into 100 every now and then. He can sing his ABC’s just wait until he gets to L, M, N, O, P! Yes, he can sing them and he can also point out every letter in the alphabet soup. I greatly appreciate Dawn and all the wonderful teachers that have helped mold and teach not only my kids, but the rest of the MKCCC students. This wouldn’t be possible without every single one of you from infants to the afterschool program. Success is built on a strong foundation and this is what Mount Kisco Child Care provides.”

– Melissa D., MKCCC Parent
“Our experience with the center has been truly special. In the almost 10 years MKCCC has been part of our lives, our two children have developed a wonderful relationship with the teachers, and staff, appreciating the bond they each have built with them. They know what their specific interests and hobbies are and which activities the Center has to offer are best for them, such as, the Feed Me Fresh program. The kids look forward to cooking every week and learning about healthy food choices. As a family, we look forward to hearing about what recipes they have learned from Ms. Kathy and use those dishes to cook together at home- especially during the holidays. We also love to share different ideas, and ask questions on cooking and/or how to garden growing our herbs organically like the center. Two other favorites are the Art and Literacy programs with teachers Miss Kathy and Miss Stacey, where the children are using both tools for illustrations and telling their own stories. As parents, we are benefiting from their experiences as well with what they share with us. It has been a memorable time at MKCCC, and for that we are thankful.”
Nicole S., MKCCC Parent
“Martin loves his friends, and I love the opportunity he has to spend time with them and play in a safe environment, with the guidance of professionals like you and the other teachers . MKCCC has helped him as you have no idea. He didn’t like to go to after school program before MKCCC, he is shy and had problems making friends . Now he is happy and excited to go to MKCCC, he is always talking about what he learns from his friends and projects that they are doing. I am very grateful to the center and the personal for this enriched experience. You have gave us peace of mind that he is safe and having fun while we work. Thank you!”
Kelly D., MKCCC Parent
“Julia loves being a part of the Mt Kisco Childcare Center family! Julia’s favorite part of after-school is the Feed Me Fresh cooking program. She loves making new and interesting foods. Every Thursday she is excited to share with us what she has made and how to make it. She loved the brussel sprouts with maple syrup and bacon so much that we had to make it for Christmas! Our family enjoyed the recipe as well! Julia also loves to garden and looks forward to planting for the Spring and harvesting her produce to cook with as well. Thank you so much to the compassionate and fun-loving staff. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you!”
Janet S., MKCCC Parents