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Toddler Parent Testimonials

“Our son started in Toddler A in November after just moving to the area.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience at MKCCC.  The teachers are phenomenal, so loving and nurturing.  We’ve watched our son blossom over the past 8 months.  He’s learned so much – socially and developmentally.”

-Stephanie & Jordan G., MKCCC Parents

“Mount Kisco Child Care Center is, in my mind, the equivalent of a dear friend.  I became acquainted with the Center about 6 years ago while pregnant with my first child.  Daunted by the search for quality childcare that my husband and I could afford, I started my search by asking my coworkers where they sent their children to daycare.  The majority of them said “MKCCC.”  But these coworkers did not merely tell me the name of the facility, but they expressed an exuberance about the many positive qualities of MKCCC with phrases like “they taught my child things I could not have” and in regards to finances “don’t worry; they’ll work with you.”  I thought to myself, well perhaps MKCCC is the most affordable daycare center around here, but do they really share my (high) standard of how my child should be cared for?  I was deeply skeptical, in the protective way a new mother is.

My husband and I toured the center, and immediately noticed two discernible differences from the other local daycare facilities we visited: Sunshine and Smiles.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these two simple, yet essential, qualities exist mutually at the Center, as I believe they support each other in creating its vibrant and nurturing environment.  As I was contemplating becoming a new mother, I realized that the people that cared for my child during the workweek would actually be spending MORE time during the day with my daughter than I did.  They truly would be playing a significant role in shaping the person she became.  They had an opportunity for so much influence.  It scared me how MUCH it really mattered where I chose to send my daughter while I was at work.  As with many things in the parenting world, there could be no guarantees that I’d make the right decision. I would just have to do my research and trust my gut instinct.  Well, coming away from our tour, in the MKCCC parking lot, I emphatically told my husband “this is the place!”  I was so charmed by the brightness and colors in the décor; I was reassured by the smiles and the happy appearing employees; I was encouraged by the emphasis on healthy eating; the participation in growing and cooking food; and the daily opportunities for movement and activity.  But I couldn’t have anticipated how much the Center facilitated my daughter’s LOVE of learning, her passion for books and storytelling, her ability to socialize with people of all ages and ethnicities, her knowledge of health and hygiene.  At almost 5 years old she is starting to read, finds dictionaries fascinating,  knows that washing her hands is the first and most important thing she does when coming home, and values healthy food versus sugary snacks (She does love her chocolate ice cream, but she also loves broccoli, edamame (aka “Mama beans”), green beans, kale (What?!), bell peppers, avocado and apples and is so excited to see plants and produce grow!).  So when both my husband and I were transferred out of Mt Kisco for employment, there was no question that we would maintain our daughter’s enrollment at MKCCC, even though this added 20+ precious minutes to our morning routine.  And when lovely baby #2 joined our family in July of 2016, there was no question that we wanted him to be cared for at MKCCC.  While we were nervous once again, about the financial end of it, it is indeed true that Dawn “worked with us” graciously and generously. And our “baby” (who is now a sturdy, 20 month old) already knows many colors, can count to three, loves books and coloring with his sister, reliably says “please” and “thank you”, and gives (freely and generously) the most love-filled hugs.  While our home life may have planted the seeds of that behavior, MKCCC has steadily reinforced it, and consistently encouraged  those good characteristics to grow and flourish.

While some in our extended family chuckle at our description of our children’s “school,” that truly is the most apt description– as MKCCC is not just a place holder for my children during the day, it is a community that educates, nourishes, cares for and supports– not just the children there, but the entire family. 

I feel so lucky that my family essentially stumbled upon MKCCC—it has opened my eyes to what a daycare facility, no, community, for young kids and their families should be.  With so much to juggle and to worry about as a working parent today, it is such a blessing to know that my children will be loved by their caregivers.  And this love is the experience that my young family has consistently found at MKCCC.  This consistent caring gives us one less thing to worry about as my husband and I head off to work every day.  That’s why we are so eternally grateful for this place, this dear friend called Mount Kisco Child Care Center.”

-Courtney S., MKCCC Parent

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